Candle Lit Room – Almost

The room mate text me to ask permission to use the internet connection that I have in the room but when he arrived at our place there was no power. I again felt disgusted that I may be going home to a dark place. I immediately tried to contact our Landlord but to no avail there was no response from him and suddenly his phone was out of reached. Before the end of our office hour the landlord aka best friend called and asked me what happened. A challenging question as if nothing happened as I expected it to be a series of questions and I am not going to get the answer I would to hear, another circus as expected. The denial and the effort that I need to exert to avert the situation seemed useless. To cut the story short I still decided to go home early and was surprised that the power was back on, I asked one of his staff what happened. As expected the power was indeed cut but the technician did something to reconnect it illegally. I thought to myself the friend must had gone to office of the power provider to resolved the late payments.

Candle lit room would somehow be a big change but at least I didn’t have to endure for the entire night as sleepless nights makes me grumpy and quiet at the office which I am not used to as well as my co-workers. I was surprised when the new roomie text me a while ago to ask where I was and I was quick to answer that I was home and the power is back. Not expecting anything from that text message as I am not going to entertain whatsoever with him. Joining me to my beer night out with would be a big big no. But he seemed to be teasing me and even asked me to share him a load to keep his mobile phone on unlimited text. Oh well, I hope that would be the first and the last as I am not interested for other requests.

The work today tend to be a bit relaxed while mid afternoon became too annoying for me to bear as the other staff are not working and was just bumming around.

Last night I went out with the friend and had a few beers but we went home early I am not sure if I was tired but I got drunk so quick that I felt numb and was feeling a little dizzy, good thing I came home alone without the new roomie and after  a few ziggy I decided to hit the bed.

Morning came feeling lazy decided to take a cab on my way to the office and managed to have a nice breakfast near our office before I went to the office.

Tomorrow would be more relaxed as the boss would be out of the country but told me that they would be on roaming – so I am expecting tons of calls from the boss as tomorrow is end of the week and we need to issue the pay-roll.


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